Lily Pad is a game uniquely focused on storytelling. When you’re playing the game, there is an emotional connection with the story, and with Willie and Dee; you are invested in their success!

As you put on the headset, you will be immersed into a cinematic introduction with the backstory told for the Lily Pad game. As you begin playing the game, your job is to help the two main characters, Willie and Dee, collect as much fruit as possible as they travel on their lily pad. As Willie and Dee travel down the river, you’ll be able to swipe forward using the trackpad on the Samsung Gear VR to navigate, and tap to shoot down the fruit.

There are 4 levels in the Lily Pad game, with each level having a different theme. You will encounter different animals and experiences in each level. The animation will be unique according to how Willie and Dee catch the fruit, how you shoot at the fruit, how you shoot to free up logs, and how you interact with the environment. Combined, this variety has enhanced the entertainment factor.

Made for Samsung Gear VR

Lily Pad is made and built for Samsung Gear VR only.
Download the Android application package file (APK).

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Game Installation

  1. Download and install the build to your Samsung Galaxy Note phone.
  2. Run the build, and insert into Gear VR when prompted.
  3. Play experience.