Lily Pad was created for the Oculus mobile VR Jam 2015 competition. We wanted to create a game that was fun for the entire family, and that anyone could pick up and be immediately immersed in.

We spent six weeks total making this game, from development to completion. For most of the Lily Pad team, this was our first time ever making a game, let alone a game in VR. The fact that the Lily Pad team was able to come together, work collaboratively, and produce such an excellent final product speaks to the tremendous talent on the team.

Lily Pad was a blast to create, and we hope you enjoy playing it!

VR Focus

“The vast majority of these videogames are decidedly aimed more towards an older market, leaving something of a gap in the market for child-friendly experiences. With its bright colours, spritely characters and accessible mechanics, Lily Pad appears to be a title answering the call for children’s VR titles.”

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